Tips for Inspiring Alumni Donations

While students are in school they’re influenced and inspired by their academic institution, the faculty department and the extracurricular departments that surround them everyday.

Screen Printing vs. Direct to Garment Printing

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Every year as the school calendar nears its end, students eagerly anticipate the most exciting day of the year—Field Day! Not only is it

Branding for Schools

Certain brands need no introduction. You recognize them as soon as you see their logo. That includes the golden arches immediately sparking the image

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Reading provides children with countless benefits across their intellectual and personal development. During the school year, they’re surrounding by reading tasks and opportunities keeping

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What is Screen Printing? Have you ever come across a screen print? If you’ve seen Andy Warhol’s iconic bright colored pop art featuring Marilyn

Recruiting Volunteers for Community Events

If you have a fundraiser or another type of community event coming up, you might need volunteers. The good news is volunteers aren’t paid

5 Effective Fundraising Ideas

Planning a fundraiser for a school team, church, or other group? It can be overwhelming to ensure everything runs smoothly. To make it easier,