field day

Creative Activities for Field Day

Every year as the school calendar nears its end, students eagerly anticipate the most exciting day of the year—Field Day! Not only is it a break from the daily routine, it allows kids to let loose, run around and enjoy themselves. Check out our list of fun and creative activities sure to make this year’s Field Day a memorable one!

Creative Use of Fun Items

Pizza Box Stack: Ordering pizza for Field Day lunch? Here’s a great way to make use of all the empty boxes. This game works like a traditional relay where groups of students run to a marked end, then back to their team. The difference is when the students make it back to their team, the teacher give them a pizza box—each time stacking an additional one. Any team that drops a box during the race is eliminated.

Tube Toss: You’ll need some inflatable pool tubes for this one. Just like a horseshoe toss, players try to toss as many rings as possible. The twist is that instead of horseshoes, your using inflatable tubes. The bigger twist is instead of a stake as a target, your using a student for each team.

Silly Inflatable Fun

Balloon pop: A relay race where children carry a balloon to one end marked by a chair. They then need to burst the balloon by sitting on it before returning to their team. Be sure to pack enough balloons along with a balloon pump!

Beach ball race: Another relay race with a twist. Students should stand back to back, holding a beach ball between them. They then interlock arms and race in teams, without dropping the beach ball of course!

Wet n’ Wild

Pass Back the Water: Have students line up, one behind the other. Each student has their own empty plastic cup. The teacher fills up the first student in line’s cup with water. The child remains facing forward as they pour the water behind them—the person behind them catching the water in their Repeat until the water makes its way to the back of the line. The team with the most water wins.

The Cup Pour: Don’t throw away those cups just yet! For each team, have half of the kids lay on the floor and hold an empty cup with both hands on their tummy. The other half holds their cups, filled with water, on their heads. The standing children pour their water into the cup of those lying down.

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