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Groggy Dog’s Screen Printing Service is your most valuable resource for your company if you want to reconstruct or build your brand, attire your crew and provide them uniforms or to promote an organizational event.

Email or call (877)747-6449 if you want to experience Groggy Dog’s best customer service which has been adjudged Best in Service 8 years straight. We triple check all orders before releasing them to you. And even still, when you’re not satisfied with our Screen Printing Service, we have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee wherein you just bring back any problem product, and you will be given an exchange, refund or credit, depending on your preference.

Groggy Dog screen prints multi faceted designs on any kind of clothing material – be it be dining table and living room novelties, T shirts, hoodies, performance shirts, soft style clothes, pants, jackets and much more. The whole procedure, from initial design to final delivery, our professional staff will make your ordered items requiring screen printing service look easy (when it isn’t) and saves you time, stress and energy.

Screen Printing is an age old skill, but Groggy Dog has elevated it into an art form through the product outputs that we deliver to our satisfied clients. You will be one of our happy customers too when you place your first order. No order is too big or small for us, whether it’s only a 10 piece order or a 500 unit order. The Groggy Dog crew strives to serve you no matter what the size of your job order is.

We source only from the best suppliers in the industry. Everyone who has made a name in screen printing supplies are on our list. They should have an A+ rating, so that we shall be consistent towards our continued premium imprint performance and on time delivery. They are in our proprietary software, which counts 3,000 suppliers in it and over 300,000 products over which we have access to. Which means, top screen printing suppliers are definitely on that list, and you benefit from our resources.

To ably execute our Screen Printing Service, we have a ready support of 4 in house artists. They are done, together with the embroidery processes internally in our premises so that quality and turn around time could be controlled.

Groggy Dog is super proud of its people. They are our strength because they have showed dedication to their work which have sustained our operations seamlessly throughout the years. These fantastic human beings include crew from different departments like Production, Graphic Design and Sales/Customer Service.

We humbly say that our Screen Printing Service is competitive in its pricing and through the long years, we have built an indestructible trust and strong bond with our clients.

It’s about time you experience our brand of service now! Email us or give us a call. Or you can simply visit us at our headquarters at Denton, Texas. But no long distance is an obstacle when you work with us. We can still collaborate online and produce great promotional products together.

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Denton Embroidery 

If you are a company that wants to promote your brand, Groggy Dog Embroidery is the perfect solution in Denton to distribute targeted ads in front of potential customers. Multiple styles of clothing items, all emblazoned with the same sharp embroidery will get noticed and will enhance the value of your brand. Whatever your needs, Groggy Dog can help.

Embroidered clothing items are a powerful and affordable branding opportunity. It is an opportunity to keep your company name in front of your potential clients. In today’s world where we are swamped with media adverts from all directions, sometimes a simple t-shirt, cap, or jacket can have far more impact where it counts. Here at Groggy Dog, we have custom solutions to make your marketing stand out from the crowd.

Every time somebody wears a garment that is embroidered with your logo or tagline, they become a walking billboard for your company or organization. For example, say you sell a product or service aimed at young people. Just a handful of young people wearing an embroidered garment with your logo and tagline will visit places where young people go. Your message is then displayed in front of countless young people, all potential customers.

Humans have an instinctive desire to make associations. If in a confined area, such as a conference, they notice a bold T-Shirt Design and Message and later see another one, the mind will start to subconsciously react every time further ones are noticed. The mind recognizes a pattern and if questioned at the end of the conference they will have the impression that there were far more t-shirts than there really were. A handful of shirts will have a large impact this way.

Of course, the critical point is to have embroidered items that have a quality finish. A quality embroidered item will enhance your company brand. Poor quality printing on sub-standard items will link your brand with negative attributes. As professionals who have the highest standards of workmanship and who only use quality garments, we can be relied on to strike that positive note.

Contact Groggy Dog or visit one of our many showrooms to talk to one of our professionals, who is waiting to provide knowledgeable and attentive help. With the assistance of your staff member, you can choose:-

1. Garment style

2. Quantity required

3. Delivery schedule

4. Design concept

5. Position for embroidery

6. Color of thread to be used

You can either opt to provide your own design for the logo, or you can let our team of designers create something new, according to the criteria you specify. With a sewing time of just10-14 business days, we will have your order ready in no time, and it will be delivered in a timely fashion.

You can be confident ordering from Groggy Dog, as the professional approach, modern equipment, and skilled staff are certain to make the whole process smooth, and successful. Get in contact today and have an informal chat with one of our team, and let us know your needs.

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The Groggy Dog team is the place and the website to visit when you want to promote your merchandise and services through promotional products.

We have extensive experience in providing quality marketing output through shirts, hoodies, jackets and caps for your company crew. We also execute unique and premium production of promotional products like pens, umbrellas, mugs, calendars and other sorts of creative novelties to be able to get your company message across to the target markets.

Have you seen those tired looking sales people who were forced by their organization into uninspired looking shirts, hoodies and caps in a corporate event? They are going to market their products and services and people will be looking the other way because everything about them shoos customers away. They are not motivated and it’s made worse by an informal company uniform set that doesn’t look up to date with present fashion trends. will design and redesign your promotional products until we get it right, and according to your preferences. We will take into consideration the color theme of your company and integrate this seamlessly into the design schemes of novelties like mugs, pens, umbrellas, stickers and the like.

No order is too large or too small for Groggy Dog. If you will notice, we make an effort to answer your queries after only a short wait. All clients are special, whether you ordered only 10 pieces or 500 pieces of any promotional product that you have entrusted to us.

We will deliver your orders in record time, but the products themselves will still be of quality make. We look into the fashion trends of the times and we incorporate these updated ideas into the promotional products you have contracted us to create.

You can also give us your chosen materials like shirts, caps or mugs and we can discuss the designs that you would like printed on them. Be it embroidery or screen printing or any other medium, no job is too complicated for us because we are flexible in our talents and our resources to please you and deliver a satisfying final product which meets or even exceeds your expectations.

Take for example coffee mugs as promotional products for your clients for added goodwill. Imagine that first thing in the morning, it will be the first thing that will greet them when they enjoy their first cup of coffee for the day.

If on the mug alone, your message is communicated well with vibrant colors and a unique design which reflects your company image well, it will be imprinted forever in the mind of that client and countless other clients who are also using their own coffee mugs from your company as well.

You multiply your goodwill with them, many times over exponentially, with just a simple and effective tool such as a coffee mug, designed by the Groggy Dog team!

If you have a new marketing campaign coming up for new products and services you are launching, make Groggy Dog a part of their route to sales success.

Let Groggy Dog create your promotional products!

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