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What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing can also be termed as silk screening. Screen printing is the process of integrating custom graphics on t-shirts. Basically, this process enables the ink to lay on the surface of the t-shirt rather than soaking. Most firms are opting for screen printing to portray their brand. Therefore, opting for Groggy Dog McKinney is a great idea because they are experts in this industry. Silk screening is important because you’ll obtain your desired customized t-shirts within a short span and in bulk. Working with experts is essential because they’ll strive to obtain excellent results without compromising the quality. Below are the key benefits of screen printing.

1. Reliability

Groggy Dog McKinney is a professional firm that’ll work with passion and determination until you’re satisfied. These experts will conduct the process appropriately considering factors, such as time-span, quality, and quantity. In addition, these professionals provide excellent customer services to create a good relationship with clients. Working with specialists gives you peace of mind because you’ll obtain quality services. Experts according to a certain schedule; therefore, you’ll receive your order in time.

2. Custom Designs

Firms have a unique brand that represents them in the competitive market. Groggy Dog Mckinney are specialists in customized screen printing. Custom designs play a significant role in expanding your market share, thus improving your chances of flourishing. In addition, custom-designed t-shirts will market and advertise your services or products, thus increasing traffic. Concurrently, you’ll have a perfect opportunity to convert a potential audience.

3. Quality

The quality of designs is important because it reflects your brand’s reputation. Therefore, you should avoid the DIY approach because you can easily ruin your reputation. Clients require professional designs that’ll satisfy their wants. Groggy Dog McKinney firm uses high-tech equipment to ensure your customized t-shirts are appealing. Quality t-shirt designs mean that they won’t flake, fade, or crack over time. Silk screening is a flexible process that allows an expert to select a suitable option that’ll diminish the odds of ink harming. Groggy Dog McKinney is a great firm that’ll help your business attain a competitive advantage, thus improving your firm’s growth and development.

4. Affordability

Screen printing improves the efficiency of producing bulk customized t-shirts. Groggy Dog McKinney will charge you affordable prices without compromising the quality of work. In addition, ordering bulk is important because you’ll get discounts. This is important because you’ll save more money and improve your brand’s reputation at the same time.

5. Originality

We’re living in a competitive world; therefore, you should ensure that your brand is unique and professional. Standing out is important because it plays a crucial role in increasing your customers. Silk screening helps you integrate any unique design or style that targets your potential clients. You’ll, therefore, expose your business to more people due to the eye-catching designs.


Screen printing is a crucial process for business. Therefore, you should consider choosing Groggy Dog McKinneys firm due to its experience and credibility. In addition, these experts will work smart until you’re satisfied.

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Embroidery is a special technique that is very important for branding either uniform or any other form of branding that you desire. As opposed to long-time embroidery that was slow, computer-programmed embroidery is a high speed, versatile, and can deliver a high-quality finish. Also, embroidery branding lasts longer than the garment on which it is embroidered. At the same time, embroidery provides a distinctive look, and the best thing is that you can work it on a large range of products. Embroidery work also can be done on uniforms, towels, bags, hats, banners, scarves, and much more.


At Grogg Dog-McKinney, we take our embroidery services to the next level. Whether you are looking forward to promoting your brand, we can do embroidery work on a wide range of garments to meet your needs. We can work on garments like polo shirts, button-downs, caps, jackets, and much more. We have confident staff who will handle all your embroidery orders with both accuracy and style. We also offer custom-made embroidery solutions to all your needs.


We at Grogg Dog McKinney are very particular, and we provide efficient services to ensure customer satisfaction. We have experienced embroidery specialists who have been doing the job for several years and understand everything about embroidery. They can also design for you special designs to fit in any material or promotion you need. We use computerized embroidery to speed up the process to meet our customer demands and make deliveries to meet the agreed deadlines.

We also make sure that all our embroidery work is triple-checked to make sure there is no mistake in our production. You can count on your efficiency for all your specifications as we will endeavor to exceed expectations. We also offer a 30-day quality satisfaction guarantee not to be disappointed with the services we offer. You can use that window to check our embroidery work and exchange anything that does not meet your specification for a free exchange.


We offer a wide range of embroidery for promotional purposes. We can work on the school logo that you want on your T-shirt or school jackets. We also work on sports uniforms for your team, business products like bags, caps, and anything you want. We can also put embroidery on any other specified promotional products of your choice. We produce custom-made embroidery to fit your specifications.


We have a dedicated operations, production, and sales team to make ensure first-class customer experience. You can access our services online or at any of our many locations i Texas. With our widespread network, you can almost be sure to get a store near you.

All you need is to visit any of our widespread showrooms or contact us by email and communicate your specifics. Provide the logo or the artwork you want on your garment, and your completed order will be shipped to you within the agreed timeline. If you are looking forward to having promotional material that needs artwork on them, look no further. Our Groggy Dog-McKinney embroidery experts will custom-make or work on your embroidery materials as per your specifications.

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Whenever you are looking for promotional products, it’s advisable to work with the best service provider near you. And Groggy Dog McKinney is the best full-service promotional products company to work with. It offers top-notch services you will, without a doubt, fall in love with.

Groggy Dog is your go-to company, not just because of the services it offers. Its outstanding reputation has changed the lives and wellbeing of many people and businesses. Over the years, the company has helped many companies with branding, event marketing, and customer acquisition programs.

Groggy Dog’s unbeatable customer care services have made the company the number one promotional products partner for many businesses and learning institutions. Its promotional items are extensively used worldwide to promote brands, corporate identity, and products.


With the best promotional products, you can have your logo, contact information or tagline available for a target audience. You can use them for brand awareness or facilitate employee relations, public relations, new product introduction and tradeshow traffic-building. A visit to one of the Groggy Dog stores in McKinney is a rewarding decision.

You will get a chance to pick a few of the high-quality promo products that will satisfy your needs. The sought-after promotional merchandises at Groggy Dog are a combination of useful, forward-thinking and stylish. Intrinsically, you will not miss a product that suits your requirements.

With over thousands of selections, you will find high-quality promotional merchandise to fulfill all of your needs. Feel free to view all the provided promotional products and pick an item you need or wish to own. The everyday promotional items at Groggy Dog include:


Office promotional items are always trending, and Groggy Dog offers the best in the region. These include products that will help employees stay productive at the workplace, and they include:

* Reusable face masks
* Stainless steel tumbler
* Atrium 25 oz aluminum bottle
* Oz campfire mug
* Polyester Custom printed lanyard
* Executive pens
* Calculators
* Koozies
* Mousepads
* Business card holders
* Binders


Groggy Dog offers the best promotional apparel that will suit all your needs. The available products include:

* Polos
* T-shirts
* Caps and hats
* Golf apparel
* Sweatshirts and hoods
* Dress shirts
* Sportswear


You can also settle for the best bags and have one of the best promotional tools that everyone will appreciate. You can order:

* Logo laptop bags
* Backpacks printed with marketing messages
* Lunch bags
* Shopper tote bags
* Briefcases and messager bags
* Paper bags and
* Plastic bags


You can also let your logo do the talking and stand out by picking the best drinkware. The best promotional drinkware products include:

* Beverage insulators
* Mugs
* Thermoses
* Tumblers
* Water bottles
* Coasters and
* BPA free bottles


Trade show and event giveaways are trendy these days, and Groggy Dog offers outstanding promotional products. These promotional items act as a fuss-free and fantastic way to generate awareness of your company or business. Some of the fantastic items you can place an order on include:

* Lanyards
* Badge holders
* Tote bags
* Bracelets
* Bottle openers
* Travel cases
* Sunglasses


Groggy Dog is the home of the best promotional products in McKinney and surrounding areas. This one-stop-shop offers all kinds of promotional items, and you will, without a doubt, find exceptional items that will satisfy your needs. These products also come at prices to fit all budgets, and they are a cost-effective way to demonstrate your brand awareness.

It’s easy to choose and place an order for high-quality promotional products. You just need to browse through the company’s wide range of products. Then you can go on and get a quote for the products you need.

You will not miss promo products that support your business company mission or culture. These promotional items are a great means to connect with customers based on their needs. Other services that Groggy Dog offers include screen printing and embroidery.

Significantly, as you place an order for promotional products, feel free to pick products that suit your requirements. You will also enjoy a 30 Day Quality Satisfaction.

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