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Screen printing involves pressing ink into a mesh screen to create printed designs. This is one of the popular printing options in the world. This printing option can be used on various surfaces like clothing, canvasses, posters, artwork, and many other options.

Screen printing uses a stencil design on a flat surface with ink, mesh screen, and squeegee. It is a versatile printing option as you can use it on fabric, paper, glass, wood, metal, and plastic. It is one of the most used printing options since it is applicable on almost any surface. Find out why screen printing is popular in Groggy Dog Plano and reasons to consider it for your next printing project.


The fact that screen printing offers various color options is one of the reasons it is popular. You can choose any color for your print, and it is even possible for you to get a shade custom-made to suit your needs. So, you are likely to get an end product that you will like.


Another reason to consider getting screen printing is you will get custom designs. It does not matter the design that you want; you will get it. The best part is that you can print it on almost any material. Whether you want the print on t-shirts or posters, it will offer you an excellent finishing.


Most people making prints will want a product that will not fade. That is the case when you choose to get a screen print in Groggy Dog Plano. The finished product will look great and will not fade away in any manner how much you wash it. You have to choose a company that will use suitable heat-treated ink so that the print can serve you for a long time.



Come up with a design that will be printed onto a transparent film and then used to create a stencil.


You will be needed to choose the right type of mesh screen that will match your style. The mesh will be coated using a light reactive emulsion.


The next step is the creation of a stencil that involves exposing emulsion. The emulsion is then washed off, and a stencil is created. Final touch-ups are made on the stencil.


The screen is then placed into the printing press. The item is placed into the printing board found below the screen.


The next step is where the screen is lowered to the printing board. Then you add ink and use the squeegee to pull the ink into the full length of the screen. If you need many products printed, then the procedure is repeated.


The final stage is letting the printed product dry by passing it through a dryer. By doing this, it will help in curing the ink and ensuring smooth finishes.


If you are looking for custom screen printed products, choose the right company to assist you with the project. Take the time to go online and review the company; you have to choose one to offer you the best.

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Embroidery in Plano

We are glad to be offering you our top quality embroidery service in Plano, which proves to be a great option for your business. We offer pricing that is straightforward, so that you always know exactly what you are paying for in terms of the embroidery service that we provide. Thus, there are no hidden surprises when we provide the pricing to you. We provide lovely logos for all your business and branding needs. You surely will be pleased like many of our other happy customers are with the stitching, as their stitching is done with meticulous care for all orders. This ensures that the embroidery that we do for you and all our clients does not easily fray, which truly does contribute to the immense beauty of all the embroidery that we provide for our customers.

We take pride in being top quality embroidery specialists in Plano here at Groggy Doggy. That is why so many customers trust us with their wide assortment of embroidery needs. We are glad to do the best job possible for all the embroidery work that we do for them, whether the order is a small one or a large one. We are the go-to embroidery service for those clients who have small embroidery jobs. We will never turn away small projects, as we do truly value all clients and know that their embroidery projects are important to them.

When customers evaluate our work, they find that we do it with care, pride and professionalism. We can provide embroidery work for something as a basic polo shirt. But by the time we complete the embroidery for that polo shirt, that polo shirt will look stunning with the gorgeous embroidery that we add to it. All the products that we embroider for you will be outstanding and will surely meet your needs.

From a customer service standpoint, we put a high priority on all our clients. We have a comprehensive embroidery service that is ready to serve your various needs. We gauge all our embroidery orders according to the exact specifications of the customers at all times. That is is why we have the supreme reputation of a high level of customer satisfaction among many of our happy customers.

There is a real plus side when it comes to working with our embroidery service here at Groggy Doggy. This is due to the fact that you will find that the process is easy and simple. We are professional and courteous. We answer any questions that you may have. We are able to accommodate all of your different embroidery needs. We offer many different products and colors to choose from. Contact us today for all your embroidery needs. We are ready to work on your next exciting embroidery project. Indeed, we are truly committed to making sure that the embroidery is well formed and that it suits the item that is being added to. You will surely be impressed with the quality, durability and beauty of the embroidery that we do for you.

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Promotional Products in Plano

It is understandable that you want great quality promotional products. Then you can be pleased with all the wonderful promotional products that we have to offer here at Groggy Doggy for all your business and branding needs in Plano. You will find that our pricing is fair and decent, which is why many customers choose us for their various promotional products. We take pride in making your experience of choosing promotional products free of hassles. You will surely be pleased with the friendly and professional service that we provide. We take small orders as well as large orders in an effort to address all the needs and circumstances that our customers may have.

It is exciting for us when customers conduct an evaluation of their orders that we provide to them in regard to promotional products. This is due to the fact that the majority of our customers are pleased with their orders of promotional products and are happy that their orders are always done in accordance to all their preferences and specifications. As a result, you can truly possess the assurance that we are a trustworthy provider of top quality promotional products that will rusly meet your needs.

When it is of paramount importance for you to sense that the company that is providing you with promotional products really has you covered for all your needs and various situations, then you need to place your order with us here at Groggy Doggy in Plano. We realize that you do not want any hassles and that you need the promotional products to be top quality. That is what we provide to you every time you place your order for promotional products with us. That means that you will discover that all of our promotional products really do allow you to have access to professional representation for your brand and business in an excellent manner.

It cannot be denied that our service that provides top of the line promotional products does indeed possess the capability of elevating the professional appearance for your business as well as for your brand in Plano. We are always pleased to hear of the amazing results that people see in a positive manner for their brand and business in Plano when they use our professional grade promotional products. Our professional products are terrific to use when your business is hosting a community event in an effort to drive more awareness for your business, brand, products and services.

Indeed, we take pride in the realization that our customers really do count on our top quality promotional products to increase the success of their brand and business. We remain dedicated in continuing to provide promotional products that really do help to boost positive results for many brands and businesses in Plano. That is why you should contact us for your promotional product needs now. In fact, we are able to handle small orders as well as large orders in terms of the wide assortment of great quality promotional products that we have to offer.

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