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Recruiting Volunteers for Community Events

If you have a fundraiser or another type of community event coming up, you might need volunteers. The good news is volunteers aren’t paid so they won’t cut into the budget. For that same reason, recruiting volunteers could be very difficult—especially good ones. We’ve compiled some tips to ensure you secure engaged volunteers for your next event.

Start Early

It’s crucial you organize your search as early as possible. Decide how many volunteers and what specific roles you need filled. For example, is basic food prep required? Is experience with children helpful? The closer you get to the date of the event the more likely potential volunteers will be busy—especially those with specific skills!

Ask Personal Contacts

Don’t be shy about reaching out to family, friends and colleagues especially if this is your first event. Many of them will be happy to support and perhaps even involve their own contacts. Don’t take it personal if they can’t assist this time. Schedules change and they may be available for a future opportunity.

Reach out to Schools

High school and college students often seek out volunteer opportunities for credit as well as scholarships opportunities. Contact local schools and ask if they have any volunteer programs. Find out what the requirements are and if your event is eligible, what will be needed from you. Make sure to speak to the students as well and don’t be afraid to turn them down if you feel they won’t be helpful. In the same vein, if there are any feedback documents, take the time to answer them thoroughly and honestly.

Post on Job Sites

If you need a large group of volunteers, consider posting on a job site. The large audience will expand your reach, though you may have to pay a nominal fee to post. People often volunteer in between jobs to fill time gaps on their resume. To entice this group, mention you will provide a professional recommendation if the applicant is interested. Outline the specific roles to ensure each volunteer showcases their personal skill set.

Build Volunteer Pride

By the very nature of the the job, volunteers are unpaid. Still yet, there are many ways to make the experience rewarding. An inspired volunteer will put their best foot forward providing the most value to your cause.

  • Be clear on all required time commitments and stick to them.
  • Provide written documents that clearly describe the purpose of the event, the nature of the volunteer’s role, and what’s expected.
  • Provide volunteers with something that makes them stand out in the crowd and unifies them. Consider a t-shirt, hat or other product featuring the organization logo. We can help you decide on design and product, just ask us!