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Tips for Inspiring Alumni Donations

While students are in school they’re influenced and inspired by their academic institution, the faculty department and the extracurricular departments that surround them everyday. Once they graduate though, how can you maintain their engagement? To take it a step further, how can you keep them involved enough to donate to their alma matter? Here are some ways to ensure success for your alumni donation program.

Capitalize on nostalgia

What are some of the most memorable recurring events that occur in your school? Are there any inside jokes, quirky rituals, or eccentric teacher routines? For example, do seniors convince incoming freshman that there’s a pool on the roof, when it’s actually vacant? Have students themselves reach out to alumni and trigger some memories. Striking a chord with the alumni will remind them of the good times they had and emotionally connect them to the school again.

Link directly to a cause

Today’s alumni are interested in having an impact. They don’t want to feel like their donation will be lost within the bureaucracy of a large organization. Instead, donation requests should be personal and specific. To resonate with the alumni, invest time finding out which groups they were involved in. Tie requests to those particular groups and let them know what impact their amount will have. New gym equipment? Or perhaps an additional class? Finally, follow-up to let them know exactly where their money was allocated.


Considering you can access most of your alumni online and peer influence is a huge motivation driver, crowdfunding can be a very effective method of fundraising. It allows you to create a hub for your cause and easily reach alumni where they heavily engage. They can donate, share and drive momentum with the click of a button. To make the effort even more effective, have alumni themselves create videos or other media for the crowdfunding page.

Ask beyond money

Sometimes alumni aren’t able to donate funds, but they have talents, resources and access to wide reaching networks. Be sure to provide options for these types of services. Current students will benefit and alumni will feel connected even if they can’t provide monetary support at the moment.

Invest in donation incentives

Make available tangible products showcasing school memorabilia. Consider professionally printed or quality embroidered clothing specific to alumni. Exclusive t-shirts, polos, and other garments could be accessed at certain donation milestones. Having the school logo and motto in the alumni’s life promotes a lasting relationship. As an added bonus, its continued promotion every time the alumnus sports the items.


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