Water-Based Screen Printing

Groggy Dog has provided high-quality, professional screen printing services for over two decades. Whether you need promotional items for your business or t-shirts for a school field trip, our team has got you covered. 

But what exactly is water-based screen printing, and what makes it so unique?

What is Water-Based Screen Printing? 

Water-based screen printing is a screen printing technique that uses water-based inks rather than plastisol. During this process, several “screens,” or stencils, are created to carefully layer specific colors of ink on top of one another to create your final design. 

By layering one color at a time, we have more control over the manufacturing process and are able to create crisp, clean images for all of your products.  

Why Choose Water-Based Ink Screen Printing?

This method of screen printing is often seen as trickier to accomplish, but it offers several advantages over traditional screen printing that make it the preferred option for many people.

Breathable Designs 

Traditional plastisol ink sits on top of the fabric, creating a raised surface with a waxy or plastic-like feel. Water-based inks actually soak into the fabric to create a light and breathable design. 

Long-Lasting Water-Based Inks

Since the ink soaks into the fabric, you don’t have to worry about your design warping, peeling, or chipping the way plastisol inks are prone to do — especially when exposed to heat. Water-based ink screen printing preserves your original design and can withstand dozens of washes before showing signs of wear.

Eco-Friendly Ingredients 

For many businesses and organizations, eco-friendliness is a big selling point when it comes to water-based screen printing. Water-based inks typically only contain two ingredients; water and pigment. This is much more eco-friendly than the plastic and PVC commonly found in plastisol inks. 

The Groggy Dog Screen Printing Process

Our meticulously thought-out process allows us to deliver a flawless design on time and according to your specifications. 

It all begins when you reach out to our team and explain exactly what you need. We will be there every step of the way to ensure each detail is to your liking, including print colors, location, and design. 

You can submit your own design for us to replicate or describe what you’re looking for and leave the design process up to our talented in-house art team. 

Once the design is finalized, we promptly print and ship out your order. But not before it undergoes a triple-check to ensure every detail is correct. 

Unleash Your Creativity Today

After more than 20 years in business, we know how to screen print water-based ink to create any design you could imagine. Whether you need your company’s unique logo, your school’s mascot, or an original artwork printed, Groggy Dog is the top choice for the job. 

Contact us today to receive a quote for your next screen printing project.