Spiritwear Ideas

Our Top 5 Spiritwear Ideas

There are so many positive effects that come along with creating spiritwear for your school. When your students are able to wear their school’s logo and colors with pride, it fosters unity among all grade levels and creates a more positive atmosphere on campus. 

Creating a brand-new spiritwear line can be an enormous undertaking for any school or organization. That’s why it’s essential to determine what your priorities are with your garments and what steps you can take to ensure success in your spiritwear sales. 

Our team at Groggy Dog has created countless spiritwear lines for schools of all levels, and we enjoy bringing new levels of school spirit to our community. Here are a few of our favorite spiritwear ideas for planning and design that will lead to your school’s favorite spiritwear line to date.

Create a Wide Variety of Garments

No two students or staff members are the same, which means your spiritwear ideas should include many different types of garments. This could consist of a few outerwear options, T-shirts, and tank tops, with a wide variety of sizing options for every garment you offer. 

Additionally, creating specialized items within your line that celebrate specific teams and clubs can be a fun way to encourage even more individual pride. This way, your school can celebrate the many different ways that your students engage with campus life with unique spiritwear ideas.

Consider Current Trends

Your students will want their spiritwear to make them feel as confident and comfortable as their typical clothing choices do. That’s why you should take note of the latest fashion trends among your student body and see how you can incorporate the styles your students gravitate toward into your spiritwear.

While catering to trends can be helpful for spiritwear sales, make sure your line of garments still includes some “basics” that are simple and timeless such as a standard T-shirt or baseball cap. Many students like to keep their spiritwear from previous grade levels and schools for many years to come, and if your items are too trendy, they may not have the same staying power.

Use Student Input and Ideas

One of our favorite spiritwear ideas for an unforgettable line of garments is to poll your students’ opinions before you create your order. Narrow your design options down to two or three finalists, and allow your students to vote on their favorites.

Using your students’ input can be an effective tool for two main reasons. The first is that it helps students feel even more involved in their campus, especially in a matter that directly concerns them. The second is that you can have a more solid guarantee that your students will purchase spiritwear when you make sure that they genuinely like the design and garments you’re offering.

Use Different Types of Printing

You may have multiple spiritwear ideas that include various logos and text styles. An interesting way to differentiate items in your spiritwear line is to use more than one type of printing. 

For example, you could choose one logo to be screen printed onto some garments and another logo to be embroidered. This would give your spiritwear line even more range across many different styles. Additionally, different types of printing make it possible to offer spiritwear items at multiple price points.

Collaborate with a Local or Student Artist

Before polling your students and staff on which designs they like best, you’ll need to create custom logos and lettering that will look clear and cohesive across your entire spiritwear line. 

Consider commissioning a design from a local artist in your area instead of outsourcing your spiritwear design or using a generic image. This will help connect your campus with the surrounding community in a unique way that benefits your students and staff while supporting local art. 

If you’re creating spiritwear for a middle or high school, you could even create an opportunity for a student artist on your campus to create the spiritwear design for the year. This option would allow your campus to uplift and support one of its own and create a more meaningful sense of connection and unity with your spiritwear garments.

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