Promotional Products for Company Golf Event

Numerous companies organize golf events to engage with their stakeholders. Instead of overflowing the event space with multiple banners and standees, invest in some custom branded promotional products that will add value to your brand and remain in your guests’ sight with relevance.

This helps build brand recall and also improves brand positioning in the customer’s mind. However, now the question arises, what are the best promotional products for company golf event?

Continue reading to find out.

Promotional Products for Company Golf Event

Think about the need of your guests at a gold event. What items do they constantly require and be in their sight throughout the event? Moreover, the items should be portable so they can take them along and reuse the essentials. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t also invest in products to be used at the event.

We have made this decision easy for you and listed the best promotional products for company golf event.

1. A Custom Golf Bag

Logically, the first move would be to have the golf bags customized. This is one of the things everyone will need to keep their golf clubs, and it is an excellent product to invest in for promotional activity.

People who play golf regularly will appreciate the bag since it will be a valuable item to carry home. Of course, if your budget doesn’t allow it, you can have a few designed to keep them at the event. You can always reuse them for the next event.

2. A Custom Swag Bag or Tote Bag

A custom swag bag or tote bag deserves its position among the best promotional products for company golf event because of its reasonable price. If you wish to give away something to your guests, this would be the perfect souvenir from your event.

You can include any number of products in the bag, depending on your budget. Following are some products we suggest you can keep in your swag bag.  

Custom T-Shirts

Who doesn’t love another addition to their polo collection? A custom polo shirt with a small logo on the chest is a great choice of promotional product. It is a functional item and adds value to your brand. Remember, do not have your entire logo or name of your company printed on the shirt.

Sometimes less is more. Go with a standard-sized logo on the polo shirt so your guest can wear it to places where people can complement it and ask, “Where did you get that shirt?” Is there a better promotional product?

Custom Sunglasses

Another great promotional product to add to your swag bag is sunglasses. They are suitable for outdoor events such as golf. Your guests will have items in their bags that are essential for a day out.

A Custom Cap

Speaking of essential items for a day out, a cap is also an excellent addition to this swag bag. When you are on a budget, you can invest in things that aren’t expensive. A hat will be much cheaper than a pair of sunglasses and fulfill the same purpose. Hence, you can provide some much-needed shade to your guests by giving them a custom cap.

Custom Golf Towels

You are bound to sweat when playing an outdoor sport. You can brand the towels and include them in this little promotional kit. It is an excellent item that can be washed and reused as many times as your guests wish. In doing so, your company will stay with your stakeholders for a long time.

3. Custom Sports Water Bottle

The last essential item you can keep in your swag bag is a water sports bottle. A water bottle is a staple required for an outdoor event. Your guests can fill up these bottles with water and use them throughout the event. They continue using them for years after the event as well as ensuring a space in their mind for you.  

4. Custom Golf Shoe Bag

Many people like to carry their golf shoes separately. This is an excellent pre-event giveaway. Some companies want to extend invites to their VIPs with a token. A custom golf shoe bag will be appreciated by golf enthusiasts who regularly engage in sports.

Furthermore, it is highly likely that not everyone invited to the event is interested in golf. However, a token, such as a shoe bag, is something people can easily find other use for.

5. Custom Golf Ball

You can’t really have a golf event without a golf ball. Hence, getting golf balls printed exclusively for your event is a good idea. You may not feel it is required, but it is, in fact, an excellent way to have your guests engage with your brand.

6. Oversized Custom Gold Umbrellas

It can get exhausting pretty quickly if you haven’t prepared to provide shade to your guests. You can install oversized custom golf umbrellas at every hole so your guests can find shade whenever they feel the weather is getting overwhelming. It is an excellent idea to provide some cool shade to your guests while also promoting your company.

7. A Custom Score Card Cover

A custom score card is required at every golfing session. Your guests will be engaging with this item several times throughout the day. Hence, it is the perfect item on the event site that you should get customized. Since people will often refer to it, it is a good place to have your logo and make a mark on your stakeholder’s minds.

The Final Note

Consider your budget before deciding which products you wish to go for. That said, a swag bag with some products is one the best promotional products for company golf events since it offers functionality.

If you have some promotional products in mind for your company golf event, contact Groggy Dog for exceptional services to promote your business.