Patch Embroidery Shop in Plano

Whether you want a logo or image embroidered on uniforms, caps, or shirts—there are two ways of how shops do them: direct and patch embroidery. Direct embroidery is the process of embroidering the logo directly onto the items, either to the clothes, caps, bags, etc. On the other hand, patch embroidery uses the process of putting the separate embroidered patch on top of the item. Instead of directly embroidering the logo, it is attached to the items by sewing or ironing.


One of the reasons why patch embroidery is exceptional than direct embroidery is because of its versatility. Unlike direct embroidered logos, patch embroidery can be removed easily and attached to other pieces of clothing. It’s also accessible because it is more affordable.

In addition, patch embroidery is very easy to make nowadays because of the advancement of technologies. It can be made through computerized and reliable sewing machines efficiently. It’s also superb when it comes to providing more detailed designs to make the logo more appealing. Thus, patch embroidery is in demand because it’s more on making embroidery efficient and more accessible.


Groggy Dog is the patch embroidery shop in Plano that you can trust in making your logo or design come to life. They provide excellent-quality embroidery services dedicated to meet your needs, whether it’s for your school, company, business. It’s almost a decade of expertise and experience in meeting different creative needs. Your project could never go wrong with Groggy Dog.

If you’re up for a finely embroidered logo or design, Groggy Dog in Plano is happy to serve what you deserve. They also offer outstanding screenprinting services catering to your creative projects seamlessly from planning, designing, and up to shipping.

Are you ready to have an embroidered logo or printed clothing that stands out? Get in touch with Groggy Dog through their website and get your projects in the hands of true-born artists of Groggy Dog.

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