How Does Screen Printing Work

What Exactly is Screen Printing

Screen printing is a process that uses mesh and stencils to transfer ink onto fabric. The technology has been used for centuries to decorate textiles. It is a very versatile process that can print on fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, and wool. It is primarily used in apparel production but has many other applications as well. Screen printing is also known as silk screening because it was first developed with real silk screens, which were created by stretching an unwoven piece of silk over a wooden frame in such a way that one side was completely open and one side had vertical threads of silk weaved into it. To learn more about Screen Printing keep reading this article.

Groggy Dog Plano Screen Printing

We take care of all your screen printing. We screen print multicolored designs on a wide variety of garments like t-shirts, performance shirts, hoodies, soft-style shirts, jackets, pants, and more. From design to delivery, our Groggy Dog staff makes your screenprinting project easy, saving you time, energy and stress. We even provide a 30 Day Quality Satisfaction Guarantee.

Why Screen Printing Is Used


When it comes to adaptability, screen printing is much easier than many other methods of printing because of how simple you can use it. You do not need any advanced equipment to screen print your designs, and if you want to create a business with screen printing, you will only need a computer and a printer for that matter. There are indeed many different ways for you to get your design out in front of people, but if you would like an affordable option that is simple and easy to use, then consider using screen printing. That way all your customers or audience can easily see what you have put out and take interest in whatever it may be.

It Is Cost-Effective

Screen printing is also cost-effective than using other methods of printing such as direct-to-garment printing. This method is less costly and you can create your designs without any difficulties. The screen used to print your design can last a long time, and it gives excellent results. In addition, screen printing uses less ink than a lot of other printed products because you are only applying the ink were necessary for your design. This is good for saving money on ink which will ultimately save money in production costs. In short, screen printing is used for many reasons but it mostly depends on what kind of business you have and how much time you want to spend creating a unique design for yourself or your company.

It Is Versatile​

Screen printing can print on any kind of fabric, glass, or plastic surface. Screen printing also gives a detailed and unique design. Many apparel companies and designers are considering screen printing as an option that they can use on their brands. In addition, many companies around the world have used screen printing to develop their own business because it is an easy process but produces good quality products.

How Does The Screen Printing Process Work

While the process of screen printing might seem complicated, the truth is that it’s quite simple. At Groggy Dog Plano our screen printing works by putting an image onto a screen and laying out an ink-resistant coating on top of the screen. Using our printer, we apply an image onto transfer paper with a bright light shining through the paper. If you’re creating your designs at home, use a computer program like Photoshop to create them beforehand. If you need someone to handle all aspects of it for you, turn to Groggy Dog Plano for your screen printing needs!

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We can embroidery any design on a wide variety of garments such as t-shirts, hats, hoodies, button-downs, jackets, luggage, briefcases, and much more.

Promotional Products

We can put your logo, tagline, or contact information on writing instruments, tote bags, calendars, office accessories, drinkware, tech items, health and safety products, point-of-sale items, and much more.

Groggy Dog Plano: Screen Printing Services

The benefits of screen printing for promoting a business are many. Not only does screen printing provide low costs, but it’s also an effective way to promote a business or event. For example, at Groggy Dog Plano we use screen printing to create promotional materials like t-shirts, hats, and other apparel with unique designs that our customers love. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about screen printing We’d be happy to help you learn more about how screen printing works and how you can benefit from using screen printing business for your business purposes.