Richardson is a bustling city that has a lot to offer. It is noted as offering a lot of employment stability. Part of this is due the fact that it provides employment via the University of Texas, and Verizon, ZTE, AT&T as well as other telecommunications companies. Richardson is also noted as offering much employment within the insurance industry, as State Farm Insurance is located here. Moreover, United Healthcare, Blue Cross and other insurance companies are also located here in Richardson.

Galatyn Park is impressive and is found in the urban center of the city. It possesses a publicly accessible pedestrian plaza that spans over two acres. There is also the inclusion of a luxury hotel as well as developmental areas for various retailers on site. Many corporate events are hosted in style at the Eisermann Center for Performing Arts and Corporate Presentations. It certainly cannot be denied that Richardson is a very prosperous and corporate city.

There are several light rail stations in Richardson, which are particularly noted as being Dallas Area Rapid Transit to allow for quick commutes to Dallas. The people here like to dress up, but they also like their casual attire. Yet, the casual attire must have a more elevated dressed up flare to it. Truly, Richardson is a great place to live, as this is regarded as being a prosperous and safe city.

The trend is for the people of Richardson to also take on hobbies that they can turn into profitable part-time businesses. For example, some people are turning to photography and are making extra money by doing photography for weddings and special events. Those who are great cooks also are offering their catering services for special events and small gatherings. Richardson offers many terrific bike trails for those who want to be able to travel in a more ecological fashion and who desire to get more exercise.

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