Angelika Film Center & Cafe


The Angelika Film Center & Cafe located near Plano, TX is just off the Sam Rayburn tollway and approximately 23 miles directly due north of Dallas and approximately 43 miles North East of Fort Worth. With its glass design and hip cafe, it’s definitely a neat and unique experience. You can come early and enjoy a nice beer and a panini and if you are still eating when the show starts, bring your food with you into the theatre, just like you might eat snacks at home while you watch a movie on Netflix.


Don’t like lines? Well pre-order your food and drink online and it will be ready for you when you show up at the theatre. The staff is super friendly and there is an eclectic mix of clientele. The Angelika Film Center hosts screenings and viewings of Indie Films and modern-day films for a nice mix and there’s something for everyone.

Are you in Fort Worth or Dallas for business? Does your company have an office in any of those two locations? Well book a corporate night out at the theatre and let employees bond together while letting go of stress with good food and drink, good conversation, and, the highlight of the night, a great movie!

The seating is comfortable and the screen quality and sound quality are as sharp as can be. Don’t believe me? Go check out a movie there for yourself and bring the kids if you want. The theatre experience is inexpensive and Angelika Film Centre and kids under 5 are always free. Or look the theatre up on good and notice that more than 500 people have left reviews for the theatre with an average rating of 4.5 Stars. That’s pretty impressive!


The Angelika originally launched in New York in the Soho district in 1989 showcasing many independent films and drawing passionate filmmakers and aficionados to the theatre for a unique experience. The Angelika New York has become one of the premiere arthouses in the United States and it has spread its wings to other cities and towns like Plano, Tx, all while embodying the essence and character of the original Angelika in New York.

Love swag and merchandise? Well check out their site [] and browse their selection of totes, hoodies, and more.. Next time I’m in town I’ll be stopping by for a movie or two. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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