Historic Downtown McKinney

One of the oldest historic downtowns in Texas, downtown McKinney is the charming heart of McKinney. The heart of the area is the Square which has undergone a facelift in recent years making it one of the more popular places in the town for locals to hang out. Read on for a closer look at this town jewel that is an absolute must-see when you’re in the area. Attractions McKinney Square This is the heart of downtown McKinney and is where major events like fairs and winter festivals are held. The square is a great place to walk and sit around in with benches scattered around for those who prefer a quiet afternoon under the trees. The Square is just a short skip and hop from the many restaurants and shops making it a great stop after a few hours of shopping. Candy Shops True to its character as a quaint town center, downtown McKinney is home to dozens of candy shops. Mom and PopCorn is one popular stop for that craving gourmet popcorn in various flavors as well as a huge selection of candy. Boutiques, restaurants, and bars Downtown McKinney gets its vibrance and vigor because of the strip of bars, boutiques, and restaurants as well as cafes that draw people to the area, locals, and tourists alike. Here people can enjoy walks, enjoy the smell of barbeques waft in from a local food joint, or enjoy a cup of coffee in the alfresco areas in one of the many cafes. The bars get really lively on the weekends when people descend downtown for live songs, music, and drinks. Art Galleries McKinney has a bustling and lively art scene which means downtown also has its fair share of art shops, galleries, and museums that give a strong cultural flavor to the downtown area. Shops like Birds & Words, a furniture and home boutique, the Collin County History Museum, Kim Guthrie Art Gallery, and the LAST Art Gallery are just some of the must-see stops for those looking for a culture trip in downtown McKinney. Aside from a lively entertainment, shopping and arts scene, there is also a bustling real estate market in and around downtown McKinney. New and modern apartment complexes house town residents who prefer to be close to where the action is. Ranging from affordable apartments and condos to luxury lifestyle residences in resort-style developments, residential complexes add to the energy and vibrancy of downtown by giving people the closest access to all that downtown McKinney has to offer.

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