Fairview, Texas is a relatively rich town that’s just 2.75 miles from McKinney. It is located in Collin County of Dallas – Forth Worth. Its motto is Keeping it Country. It is is known for big city amenities but with a small town feeling that has a sense of community.

It has an estimated population of more than 9,000 (2018) with a racial mix of 88% white, 6% Hispanics, 3.5% African American, the rest other races.

Fairview is adjacent to the Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary which has a size of 289 acres.

If you follow the Central Expressway route by car, you’ll travel 4 miles from Fairview to McKinney. And through the north, you’ll only travel 2.75 miles. If you gauge it by time, you’ll need 7 minutes to reach either destination, if you drive nonstop.

Fairview is one of the best places to reside in Texas. It gives people a comforting suburban feel and it’s a fact that most residents own their homes here. There are also a lot of parks and many retirees live in Fairview. Most residents lean towards conservative views.

Fairview Texas is a very safe town. It is 84 percent safer than other cities in Texas state and 77 percent safer than other cities in the country.

This means it is a very nice place to raise a family. It also has 2 school districts to choose from for the education of your children. The fact that it has several parks means that it is very green environmentally. Also the fact that several retirees opt to reside here means it is relatively peaceful and quiet.

Since it is very near McKinney and the Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex, it means it is a pleasant location to have a suburban home where you’ll raise your family and as a jump off point when traveling to work into the Dallas, Fort Worth and McKinney areas.

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