Patch Embroidery Shop in Lewisville

If you want to add life, artistry, and design to your clothing, embroidery and screen printing are the two major methods. They both produce high-quality work, and each has its own strengths. So before you pick which one is the proper choice for your purposes, take a look at what each can offer.

Screen Printing

The screen printing process involves printing images using stencil and squeegee, which push ink through the screen’s mesh and onto the desired surface. It is an excellent choice for companies who want promotional products or workwear with the accurate color markings of their brand.

Pros of Screen Printing

* Produces designs with different colors
* High quality and long durability
* Professional finish
* Competitively priced: higher quantity means lower price
* Fastest technique to print in large quantities
* Can color match to keep your brand


The embroidery process involves decorating fabric or chosen material with varied stitches using needles and threads. Custom embroidery allows you to embroider any design and is versatile to any fabric you desire be it polos, hats, jackets, etc.

Pros of Embroidery

* Gives your brand a more sophisticated feel and high-quality look
* Long lasting
* Retains its color very well
* Works with fleece and heavy cotton

Groggy Dog Lewisville

Choosing between screen printing and embroidery can be a savvy decision when customizing your apparel, but Groggy Dog is the best way to go. Whether you are an artist, a business owner, or simply an individual with printing needs, Groggy Dog experts can provide you with all the advice you need.

Groggy Dog is a patch embroidery shop in Lewisville that invests in industry-standard screen printers and embroidery machines with highly skilled personnel and experts to ensure market quality standards of your printing needs.

From high-quality t-shirts, polo shirts, towels, jackets, caps, Groggy Dog can accommodate service orders in singles or bulk.

Learn more about our screen printing or visit our page on promotion design.