Bendt Distilling Co.

Bendt Distilling Co is a whiskey distillery located in Lewisville, Texas. If you enjoy your enjoy and want to know more about the whiskeys and other distilled spirits, this place is a great choice to visit. It is also family-friendly, so you can enjoy visiting the distillery with your family. However, adults should always accompany kids under 21. These are the things you can do when you visit Bendt Distilling Co in Lewisville, Texas.


Your trip to Lewisville is not complete without visiting Bendt Distilling. They provide a tour around their place and offer you fun information about the distilling process and different kinds of spirits or liquors. The tour guides are amiable and will make your tour an enjoyable one.

The Bendt Whiskey garden is open for the public every Friday to Saturday from 2 pm to 10 pm. During your tour, you can also have a guided tasting of their whiskies, and they also offer some treats to enjoy on tour.


After having a tour at the distillery, you can surely buy your whiskey to enjoy at home. You can have various options to purchase from handcrafted whiskeys, brandy, rum, gin, agave, and all spirits in between.

They also have a shop on site where you can buy glasses, bar measuring tools, clothes, and other accessories as a souvenir from the distillery. This is also where you can buy your bottle of whiskey.


Aside from purchasing a bottle to take home, you can also enjoy your drink at their outside sitting. The distillery has a patio or garden where you can enjoy handcrafted whiskies and other spirits with your friends and family. Cocktails are also available. These cocktails are made with agave, rum, vodka, or gin spirit, or other liqueurs. The Bendt Distilling Co also offers BENDT Whiskey cakes by the slice or whole if you would like to celebrate your birthday in their garden.


Enjoying your whiskey with good music will surely make your day. It is another level of relaxation that we all seek. The Bendt Distilling Co has live performances every weekend that the guests can enjoy while sipping their own choice of spirits. The music will let you enjoy more your drink and food while staying at the Whiskey garden. It is a good place for a date night or just simply hanging out with family and friends.

There are many places to visit in Lewisville, but seeing the Bendt Distilling Co is a must if you are a whiskey lover. Truly, this amazing place will give you a taste of a nice place you can only find in Texas. So, if you are not doing anything to entertain yourself, this is the best time to plan your tour and have the best trip of your life without spending lavishly on a tourist spot. Bendt Distilling Co is a good choice for a tour and an excellent place to sip a whiskey.

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