When you live in Southlake or if you visit Southlake, then you need to enjoy the Bob Jones Nature Center. You will have a thrilling experience in this natural paradise as you roam the trails through forests that are dense. This is a park that is dedicated to engaging in the preservation and restoration of the ecosystem of the Eastern coastal timbers. There is a real commitment here to environmental leadership and education, which is why you can enjoy some interesting classes on site. Also, there are many splendid outdoor activities throughout the year.

You can enjoy some great fishing on Grapevine Lake. Bring your fishing pole and all your fishing gear to catch some tasty fish to cook up on your grill. Also, there are several parks in the area where you can spend the day with the family. Bring a ball to kick around to have some fun or fly your kite for a grand thrill.

When you love food, then you will be impressed by the wonderful array of restaurants that you can dine at with your family and friends. You will note that the restaurants here are pristine and nicely decorated. They offer real Texas hospitality. It is quite common for people to like to go out for breakfast. Thus, many people here enjoy gravy and biscuits served with a hearty pile of bacon on the side. Then it has become a popular tradition to finish off the breakfast with enjoying a fabulous slice of cherry cheesecake.

When you are in Southlake, you need to wear some trendy cowboy boots if you want to be in style.There are many shops that offer a wide selection of finely designed cowboy boots that will fit well and that will look terrific. For the real Texas vibe, add a cowboy hat as well.

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