How to Find the Right Screen Printing Partner for Your Small Business

When you think of starting a business for custom screen printed shirts, the first question that comes to mind is, how do you do it? More specifically, how to find the right screen printing partner for your small business who will deliver you quality products on time and make your customers happy?

The answer is simple. You need to look for a screen printing service that has certain qualities. It takes time to establish a business, and you wouldn’t want to spend a good chunk of your time trying to switch between screen printing services. You need the time to focus on your business and if you wish to make it successful.

However, fear not! Continue reading to find out what qualities you need to look for in your potential screen printing partner.

How to Find the Right Screen Printing Partner for Your Small Business?

Following are some factors that will help you decide who your screen printing partner should be:


Of course, the first concern should be quality. Having this kind of business heavily relies on the sort of quality you are producing. If the ink starts fading on the first wash, your customers might demand a refund or not return with more business. Obviously, that is not good for your business.

Additionally, the quality you provide to the customer will make or break your business. If your customer questions the product quality, it will be pretty challenging to progress and succeed in your industry.

Hence, it is essential to ensure that your screen printer can produce quality products that your customers will be satisfied with. It is wise to see samples to make sure you are happy with the quality before you seal the deal.   


Choosing a screen printing service with a long experience catering to small businesses would be your best bet. At times, their years of experience will make up for your lack in the industry.

It is also essential to check whether they have experience working with similar products. This will help you determine how likely they are to be the right choice for your business.

Furthermore, just because someone has a decade-long experience does not mean they are reputable in the business. Most B2B companies do not mind sharing the clients they work with. You can contact them and get reviews to ensure their experience will add value to your business.


Starting a business is not easy. You must figure out a way to reduce your costs to make sure you generate enough profit to sustain your business. Of course, this requires you to spend some time researching multiple screen printing services.

Usually, bulk orders have better pricing, so you can consider the quantity you need as per the minimum bulk requirement to qualify for a better price. This will help you cut costs and use this money to market your new business.

Ask your potential screen printing service to quote you the price with the shipping costs included so you can make an informed decision.

An important factor that affects the pricing in screen printing is the number of colors in a design. So, when getting quotes, make sure that the screen printing service shares the complete pricing with color details. This will help you quote prices to your customers depending on their design.

Customer Service

It is essential that your vendor provides you with impeccable customer service so you can also return this gesture to your customer.

Furthermore, when you begin taking orders, you will notice that there are certain initial steps that may take time, such as approving the design and agreeing on a price. There may be constant back and forth in negotiations, especially if you have a fussy client.

Once the approval process is over, your customers will demand updates. You can only keep them in the loop if your screen printing service is present and communicating with you about the order progress.


A good partner is someone you can rely on and expect to deliver with consistency. Otherwise, it is not a fruitful partnership because it lacks value.

You see, there will be times when you will get time-sensitive orders. For instance, an order for T-shirts for a particular event or promoting a sale. In these cases, the customer would want the product to arrive well before its time to use them.

A dependable screen printing service will ensure you get the products on time. Furthermore, a reliable screen printing partner will keep you updated about the progress and deliver on the due date as promised.

You will not have to budge or nag a reliable screen printing service to ensure your order reaches on time. Rather, it will be smooth sailing, and you will not have to stress about what’s happening at the back end.

The Final Takeaway

Establishing a new business is no piece of cake. A reliable partner will ensure you can progress in the industry and build a successful business.

Of course, for this, you should know how to find the right screen printing partner for your small business. Once you have found them and developed a strong connection, you will both be able to flourish and satisfy your customers.

Ultimately, your success heavily depends on your screen printing service. Hence, it is crucial that you hire a reliable service provider such as Groggy Dog for your screen printing needs. Good luck!