Promotion Design

Suppose you’re in the selling business, whether of goods or services, your brand image is the key to building a solid customer base and improving your business bottom line. This is precisely why companies commission advertising agencies to take care of their promotion design and message. When you convey the right message to your target market, it’s easy to convince them to do something about that message.

With that said, the bigger question now is how do you come up with a design idea that will make your clientele react positively towards your brand? Read on if you’re interested in finding out how.

Choose a simple yet impactful design

Less is more, as the minimalists would put it. This principle is also true in coming up with designs. Whether the said design is for product packaging, giveaways, or company uniforms, it’s best to make it captivating but straightforward. Never overdo the design, as it tends to look tacky. Go for a color palette that represents your message, mission, or vision. Make sure that every line, shape, or figure you add has a connection with your company. Otherwise, customers might have a hard time associating it with your company.

Utilize feedback from your customers

The best and more realistic way of getting the answer you need is by asking the right question to the right people. Since your customers will be the ones who’ll deal with and receive these promotional materials, it’s good to ask for their feedback. You can develop three to five design ideas, put the same in your website and social media platforms and ask your customers to vote. The design that gets the most vote will be the one you should use for your promotional items. Easy, right?

Coming up with a design idea for your campaigns and branding strategies may demand time. If you don’t have the time to design yourself, you can always choose a reputable printing company to help you come up with a concept. Because they’re experts in this field, they can quickly develop design ideas that resonate well with your mission, vision, and goals.

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