Embroidery Company

Groggy Dog was founded in 2000 and has established a fantastic reputation as a full-service promotional products company. We assist businesses in developing event marketing, brand development, team member retention, and customer acquisition initiatives. We have an in-house supporting team of multiple, professional artists. Additionally, we perform all screen printing and embroidery in-house to maintain control over quality and turnaround time.


Embroidery is more effective in creating logos on thicker garments, such as polo shirts or sweatshirts. Embroidery on clothes is exceptionally robust and long-lasting. While embroidery is more expensive than standard printing, permanence makes it more cost-effective. We prefer printing over embroidery for larger designs. Not all designs are ideal for needlework, and you should be aware of this. Avoid excessive gradients and a significant reliance on intricate color palettes for the best outcomes.

Embroidery of superior quality improves your brand’s logo or message. Jackets, polos, caps, and other promotional goods decorated with your custom embroidery make a strong impression and have a premium feel. Embroidered things are also more durable than printed products. The embossed imprint does not vanish even after years of repeated washing.

Experience is required to digitize art for embroidery with optimally clean and sharp results. Contact us for a price if you’re interested in obtaining your design embroidered on a clothing product. All of our embroideries are completed in-house, which allows us to maintain control over the quality and response time.

Printing Services

Have you ever been in the presence of a screen print? If you’ve seen Andy Warhol’s iconic brightly colored art style featuring Marilyn Monroe, you’ve seen a great example of screen printing art. Today, this form of printing is among the most popular for clothing prints.

The process of screen printing begins with the artwork to be printed. Next, each hue in the image must be separated can be accomplished with an interactive digital program. After that, a screen consisting of cloth for each shade is generated. The printing process itself entails directly applying ink to each of the screens to create a design. Each color requires its screen. This technique is done for each screen, layering ink until the finished merged image is obtained.

When ordering a large quantity of shirts, screen printing is typically the most economical way. However, small batches aren’t the most ideal because a minimum order number is generally required due to the additional materials and labor. Additionally, it’s optimal to have minimalist designs with few colors, as each color needs its screen.

Are you interested in screen printing your t-shirts? We can assist you in producing high-quality, vivid tees. Because we perform all of our screen printing in-house, we have complete control over the quality and turnaround time. As a result, we are ensuring that you receive only the best t-shirts and service. To learn more about screen printing for your business, check out our website to hear all about our quality services for embroidery.

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