Dr. Pepper Ballpark


Try this for an experiment: Before you read this article much further, do a simple google search for “Dr. Pepper Ballpark” and then click on “images.” I’m not sure about you, but I found the architecture of this ballpark quite fascinating. It’s like a village with a ballpark inside it, and just like the charm of many villages, it feels warm and inviting.

Washington-based architect David M. Schwarz designed the ballpark, and it is a previous winner of several awards, including the Texas Construction Award, 2003 for best architectural design. Attendance at the ballpark from the getgo has been excellent, thanks in no small part to the uniqueness of the ballpark and the many amenities that it has to offer.


The ballpark is currently home to the Frisco RoughRiders of the Double-A Central division. Still, it also plays host to various other public events and both High School and College baseball. It has also served as the venue of choice for the Texas League All-Star game (3 times) in part because even though the stadium does not regularly host MLB games, it still can hold a hefty crown of 10, 552 people.

It held one MLB exhibition game, though back in 2006, and it was the Texas Rangers against the Florida Marlins, with the Rangers posting a 4-1 victory to the thrill of the sold-out crowd.

So if you are a baseball fan and you are visiting Frisco or nearby Dallas or Fort Worth, it is definitely worth checking out a game. And heck, even if you don’t follow baseball that much, the design of the park and sightlines from the stands are superb, and it is quite relaxing to just sit back and enjoy a hot summer’s day with a cold beverage in hand.


The ballpark used to be called Dr. Pepper/Sevenup ballpark, but then the name Sevenup was dropped, and the name just became Dr. Pepper. In 2003 Dr. Pepper was given the naming rights for ten years with the option for another 5. Dr. Pepper declined to renew its sponsorship, yet the name “Dr. Pepper” was still on the ballpark as late as 2019. Reports in the media indicated that the ballpark and the team just left the name because they didn’t want to pay for another sign. We shall see what happens with the naming rights in 2021 and beyond.

Like we said, if you are travelling anywhere near Frisco, then you need to check out this ballpark and take in a good baseball game!

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