Wholesale Shirts for Screen Printing

Wholesale Shirts for Screen Printing

When you need shirts for screen printing, buy them in bulk because they will cost much much less. At Groggy Dog, we will address not only your issues with cost but also your needs for your creative ideas to be printed into your shirts.

When you bring your screen printing projects to us, our four in-house artists will go to work at once to share their talents with you. Your shirts will come to life with their creative inputs.

Wholesale shirts for screen printing, which are worked on diligently by the full service art team of Groggy Dog, will enhance the marketing efforts of your organization or business. Your message will be effectively carried across to your target groups or customers by your people who will be wearing these attractive shirts, wherever they go.

Groggy Dog doesn’t stop there in making sure you have a first class experience with us. We also have dedicated sales, operations and production staff who do tasks excellently which are related to the successful screen printing process of your shirts and their eventual release to you, our valued customer.

We also exert our greatest effort that the turn around time starting from your go signal to start the screen printing job to their eventual wrap up and release to you, in finished form, will be handed over in record time.

It doesn’t mean that a fast turnaround time results in a compromise on the quality of the screen printing process. It’s the focus, patience, training and skills of Groggy Dog team members which will eventually result into beautiful and marketing worthy shirts that are worth your expense.

We’re not only limited to silkscreen printing. We also handle embroidery and promotional product creation. Contact Groggy Dog now and experience our brand of service!

Learn more about our screen printing or visit our page Patch Embroidery.