University of North Texas

Located in Denton, Texas, the University of North Texas is considered one of the largest universities in Texas. It is a public, student-focused research university that offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral courses. The UNT is known for its high-quality education. But aside from the academic programs that it can offer, there are also other things that you can enjoy while you study at the University of North Texas. These are the few things you can do at the UNT.


The Library Mall is the place where you can usually find the students of UNT. It is the most visited area in the university to study and to relax. In some events, the university holds its festivals at the Library Mall. It can be a movie night, a concert, or a seasonal party.


Some say that your college days are not complete if you didn’t join any clubs in your school. One of the best experience students get are from joining clubs that interest them. The University of North Texas offers lots of clubs that can represent you. You can choose various groups that you would feel comfortable joining and gaining more friends and experience.

There are more than 900 student clubs and organizations in UNT. Everyone is encouraged to join at least one or two clubs while they stay at the university. But the best thing about the University of North Texas is that they won’t force you to join any clubs that you are not interested in, but they encourage you to create a new one that fits you.


As one of the largest Universities in Texas, UNT usually holds lots of different events around the campus. They host sports events like football and other games where the students can enjoy watching.

You can also attend community events where you can meet new people. Talon is also a program that the university had where you can join to do volunteer works and get the crowd excited for events.


Denton Square is known locally as the cultural hub of the city. Students from the University of North Texas enjoy their leisure time at the Square. They spend their time enjoying the small shops, excellent restaurants, bars, and local events. They say your stay in UNT is not complete if you didn’t enjoy going to Denton Square to have fun with friends. There are scheduled events throughout the year that most students and locals enjoy. You can visit lectures, exhibits, and some community-organized events in Denton Square.

The University of North Texas focused on providing quality education to every student but also provide leisure activities to make the students have fun.

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