Denton County Courthouse on the Square Museum

The Courthouse On the Square Museum (location Denton,TX) is a wonderful place to visit. The building was constructed during the era of two previous centuries, exactly in the year of 1896. Thus, it is impressive to have such a lovely building as part of Denton in this present day. It pays homage to the way of life in the past two centuries in regard to how the court system and law were carried out.

In fact, the Courthouse On the Square Museum (location Denton,TX) holds the noteworthy reputation of being a truly iconic artifact of the region. It is one of the most preferred historic sites of the area. This courthouse had been rundown, but it was gloriously restored during the year of 2004 when there was the usage of the authentic blueprints that had been originally designed by an architect of the name of W.C. Dodson.

This amazing courthouse was built with the use of pink granite that comes from the region of Austin as well as the usage of limestone that comes from the region of Denton. Moreover, there was the usage of tan sandstone that comes from the region of Mineral Wells along with the usage of red sandstone that comes from the region of Pecos. The architecture overall is ornate, stunningly beautiful and truly historical in its appeal.

You will be pleased with the expansive exhibits that you can enjoy here. Moreover, it is interesting to realize that the grave of John B. Denton is also on site here. This place is open throughout the year for the sake of presenting interesting exhibits as well as lectures. This is truly a site that is ambitiously active in order to allow the community and visitors to have the opportunity to be connected to the significant history of the place.

When you love to explore the various old courthouses of Texas, then this one should definitely be added to your list. Truly this courthouse museum is so exciting. You will enjoy the many diverse collections that you can explore, which are interesting and truly valuable. Also, there are many intriguing historical documents that will deeply broaden your knowledge and will provide you with new perspectives that you may have not considered before. You will also learn how various residents and communities of the past contributed to making a large impact on the rich history of the county even in the midst of trials and hardships.

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