Bulk T-Shirt Printing for Businesses

The equipment of a bulk t-shirt printing company plays a huge role in making a successful business. A company using the best equipment for its process is almost always guaranteed success when printing high-quality and cost-effective bulk t-shirts. For the beginning, here are some of the major types of equipment needed in bulk t-shirt printing:



These presses usually use squeegee and blade systems with either mechanical or hydraulic controls for transferring ink onto fabric. Automatic features can also be added to these presses to improve production time and efficiency. Also, different printing inks may be used with computerized screens printing presses such as UV inks, plastisol inks, and water-based inks. These features make these presses superior compared to manual screen printing presses.



A heat press is an ironing machine that uses heated platens to transfer ink onto fabric. The platens are electronically heated and controlled to transfer the correct ink temperature onto the fabric. It can apply pressure on garments or items like posters, mugs, and cards within seconds according to the required temperature setting used for different fabrics and materials. Automatic features can also be added, which automatically adjusts its timer and platen temperatures without human intervention during the whole process, making it a reliable equipment in bulk t-shirt printing.



These printers use a ribbon with special ink transferred onto the printing surface. This type of printer is used for quick printing, meaning that it does not use plastisol or water-based inks, which are environment-friendly and non-hazardous to the user. However, these printers are also inexpensive, but due to their fast drying time, it requires constant attention so as not to cause any problems with over- drying.



This computer-controlled machine carves images onto the material using laser power or knives. These electronic cutting machines produce high-definition images on many materials like t-shirts, screen mesh, banners, or even vinyl. The best thing about this type of equipment is its ability to cut out small details, making it an excellent tool for bulk t-shirt printing.

Companies should keep this equipment in mind when looking for the best suitable for their business needs. These are beneficial and easy to maintain, use, and even transport if necessary, making them ideal bulk t-shirt printing equipment. As long as they have quality control features built into their system, that company has already taken the first step towards success with good bulk t-shirt printing equipment. Groggy Dog Screen Printing has established an outstanding reputation as a company that assists businesses and schools with customer acquisition programs, branding, and marketing. They have a support team of four in-house artists. Most importantly, they do all their embroidery and screen printing services in-house, meaning they can control the turnaround time and quality of your t-shirts.

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