Argyle is a wonderful town and offers a wide array of decent jobs. Many people like living in Argyle, as the lots of the homes are usually at least one acre in size, even for homes that are considered to be modest. People in Argyle love their space for their homes, which is why they take pride in their properties, keeping them looking in great shape at all times. There are even some lots that span five to ten acres with upper scale custom designed homes that are amazingly lovely.

Many people are pleased with the public services that are provided by the town of Argyle. The citizens are committed to being friendly to all people. Those who work demonstrate a high level of dedication to their jobs and conduct themselves in a professional manner. That is why many businesses in Argyle are experiencing a high level of growth and much impressive success.

The people of Argyle love nature. That is why many lots of the homes are wooded. Also, it is impressive to realize that Unity Park is a great place to get a way to enjoy some nature. In fact, more flower beds are being added to the park to enhance its beauty. Furthermore, there will be more landscaping that will take place that includes the provision of more decorative rock being added to the various areas of the park.

Argyle is an interesting place to be, because the mayor is truly accessible to the people in the town. They can meet with the mayor on the first Saturday of each month where coffee and donuts are served. They can interact with the mayor, ask him their various questions and mention their concerns. This demonstrates that the leadership of the town is committed to integrity and open communication, which many of the citizens of Argyle truly appreciate.

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