Denton Chamber of Commerce Small Business Of The Year Award

Since 1986, the Denton Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award has been given to a for-profit business for its exemplary performance in providing high-quality products and services to the people of Denton, fostering strong relationships with its employees, actively participating in the community, and showcasing business leadership in its industry with sound business strategies and excellent growth performance. The Denton Chamber of Commerce was organized to advance the general welfare and prosperity of the Denton area so that all citizens and businesses prosper.

Thank You SO Much!

Winning the Denton Chamber Small Business of the year award is special.  If you look back over the last 35 years and see the small businesses that have received this special recognition, you realize how special the award really is.  We have worked with many of these small businesses and respect each one for their hard work and perseverance.  Being in business for 22 years, we have seen ups and downs in the economy and know just how hard it is for a small business to survive the difficulties.  For Groggy Dog, we had to endure 911 right after opening our doors, then the bird and spine flu outbreaks, then the Great Recession in 2008, and finally Covid-19.

Winning the award in 2022 based on our 2021 performance is spectacular.  2021 was a very difficult year for Groggy Dog.  Not for lack of sales, but for the number of orders that had to be processed with minimal staff.  Covid shut down all business in our area from May of 2020 until May of 2021.  When businesses and schools began to open back up, they were ready to order.   We lost several employees during the Covid shutdown, and many were still unwilling to come back to work during this time.  We were forced to get to work early and stay late to fill satisfy our customer’s request and event dates.  Our core group of employees that have been with our company stepped up to the task at hand and got the work done.  Recognition for this hard work and late hours was very gratifying for our Groggy Dog Family.

We are happy to share this special recognition of being given the Denton Chamber 2022 Small Business of the Year Award with our employees, customers, and communities, especially the school communities and fellow businesses who have been availing of our products and services over the years! You have been our wonderful partners in this journey, and we hope to continue to serve you all even better in the many, many years to come!

We are also proud to share this distinction with all the previous awardees who have used their businesses in helping people through the excellent products and services they offer and growing their businesses successfully by nurturing their employees well and adding richness in many ways to the communities they serve.

Groggy Dog Small Business of the Year Award
Denton Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award