10 Most Popular Promotional Products

Advertising is a key component of any business. Nevertheless, the key is to identify a strategy that works for your business. Social media marketing is great, and billboards work just fine; however, if you truly want to win over customers, it all comes down to choosing the best promotional products.

These products work wonders when you put your logo on them and hand them out at events such as conventions, grand openings, fundraisers, and trade shows.

In this article, we look at the 10 most popular promotional products.

10 Most Popular Promotional Products

Get the most out of your advertising budget with the 10 most popular promotional products of all time.

1. Pens

Pens are one of the most popular promotional products out there for two key reasons. Firstly, they’re cheap and secondly, everyone uses them. If you hand out pens as a promotional item, you can expect them to trade multiple hands and be used plenty of times.

Moreover, a study by Psychology Today revealed that writing by hand connects with the words and lets your brain understand them in detail. Even in current digital work, you are doing people a huge favor by encouraging them to write by hand.

2. Water Bottles

People today are way more well-versed than they used to be about the advantages of hydration. In 2017, bottled water sales increased by 7% compared to the previous year, surpassing soft drinks sales for the first time. Fortunately, it’s a trend that has gone on ever since and has made reusable water bottles a must-have promotional item for all business owners.

Moreover, individuals are now extremely climate-conscious. Thus, it makes sense that they expect organizations to follow suit with the products they offer. This is why sustainable promotional items such as reusable water bottles are so popular.

3. Koozies

Nothing says good vibes and summer fun quite like a koozie. These foam holders slip right onto your bottle or can, creating an excellent barrier between your hand and the condensation.

Koozies are budget-friendly promotional items that are incredibly useful. In fact, when you wrap a koozie around your drink, you can keep it almost 20 degrees colder. Your customers are perhaps not going to purchase koozies themselves. Therefore, they will really appreciate getting one from your organization.

4. Printed T-Shirts

People hold onto T-shirts for 14 months on average, making them a promotional product with lasting powers.

The increasing need for individuality is likely a testament to why t-shirts continue to stay in great demand. People love to wear products that make them unique, leading to the trend of customization.

You can also go bold and incorporate a message with printed T-shirts. With research indicating that over 60% of consumers prefer to buy products and use services from businesses that stand for a purpose, promotional printed t-shirts can be an excellent way to highlight those brand beliefs and values.

5. Work from Home Products

The pandemic has led several organizations to find value in allowing their employees to work from home. Many businesses have adopted hybrid work policies, whereas many of them have allowed their employees to work remotely permanently. This means an increasing number of employees will need work from home products to help them stay productive from their home offices.

In light of this, you can offer promotional items that connect employees with one another, make work easier, and allow people to destress. Some of these products include webcam covers, wireless charging mouse pads, etc.

6. USB

USBs are a perfect choice for a promotional product to cater to a tech-oriented market. They are useful and versatile, and people hold onto them.

The best thing about USBs is that they are affordable, and any small business can use this product at the next event without breaking the bank.

7. Promotional Outerwear

Consumers keep promotional outerwear for an average of 16 months, and it is reported to create 6,100 impressions. If you plan to invest in outerwear, you would want to keep the following style trends in mind for this year.

  • Jackets: Try to offer vast size choices or opt for jackets with belts leading to higher size versatility.
  • Synthetic Down: Puffer jacket is the top trend among consumers. Animal rights and allergy concerns have steered several consumers away from real down products. Thus, synthetic down is considered an easy-to-maintain and convenient alternative.

8. Tote Bags

Regarded to be a popular promotional product, tote bags are perhaps the cheapest item on this list. Make sure you pick a durable and robust material for your tote bags as people might use it to carry heavy objects. Many large and small businesses opt for tote bags as promotional products as customers who carry these bags offer free unlimited advertising to the company.

9. Health and Fitness Products

An increasing number of people are changing their lives and opting for healthier lifestyles these days. Therefore, brands need to keep up with this trend. We see an increase in health and fitness products and gadgets in the market. For instance, yoga mats, massage rollers, and fitness watches abound in the fitness industry to date. You can cater to this demand by giving away products they can incorporate into their healthy lifestyle, such as exercise bands, yoga mats, etc.

10. Travel Products

The most useful products offer the best results for promotional giveaways. Keeping that in mind, travel products are a major hit as they are useful in everyday situations that your audience is going to thank you for.

Whether it’s for shopping excursions, business trips, or even a vacation, here are some travel items you can offer:

  • Eye masks and travel pillows
  • Universal travel adaptors
  • Wash bags
  • Wallets
  • Passport holders
  • Beauty products and mini toiletries

You can also bundle all of them together to create the ultimate travel kit.  

Wrapping Up

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