Unique Promotional Swag

Unique Promotional Swag

Unique promotional swag can put your brand front of mind

Everyone loves swag. Whether they’re from a trade show or a vendor, those baubles and tchotchkes will sit on someone’s desk for months — so what better way is there to keep your brand top-of-mind?

Start your order with Groggy Dog today to create endless swag and promotional products that your customers will love.

What Are Promotional Products?

Promotional products are items that prominently feature your company’s branding in some way. This can include your company logo, slogan, colors, and other visual markers that allow potential customers to connect with your brand identity. Unlike other merchandise in your storefront, promotional products usually don’t cost the customer money and are simply meant to promote your brand.

When it comes to creating promo items, the possibilities are endless. You could add your branding to anything from pens and T-shirts to tech products and everything in between. With many printing tactics available today, it’s possible to apply your company logo, slogan, and images to just about any surface you can think of.

Are you looking to keep your costs reasonable while still reaping the endless benefits of swag? If so, Groggy Dog is the promotional swag product partner for you.

Embroidered and Screen-Printed Products

Depending on the material, the two most common ways to add your logo and branding to promo items are through embroidery or screen printing.


We recommend embroidery for clothing items, tote bags, backpacks, and just about anything made with a soft, non-rigid material. Embroidery is created using industrial sewing machines and thousands of durable, colorful threads to create vivid, eye-catching images.

Embroidery has an upscale look and feel that our clients love, especially when it’s done by experts like our team at Groggy Dog. We can create embroidered logos, images, and text in various sizes to display your branding to the world the way you want it to look.

To get started creating embroidered items with Groggy Dog, you can submit an inquiry with our team and get in touch with a representative who will collect all the necessary info. Once you’ve officially placed your embroidery order, we’ll create your unique promotional swag and get it to you within 10–14 business days. We triple-check every embroidery order before it ships to make sure it’s exactly as ordered.

Some of our most popular embroidered items include baseball caps, polo shirts, tote bags, and hoodies. If you’re uncertain whether the promotional items you’re after can be embroidered, our dedicated customer service team would be happy to answer any questions or even schedule a visit to one of our showrooms.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a versatile method of image and text printing that we use for a huge variety of promotional products at Groggy Dog. Just about any item can be screen printed for promotional purposes, from clothing garments, drinkware, and office supplies to much more.

At Groggy Dog, our screen-printed items have a professional look that communicates your brand identity exactly as you envision. We can screen print images, logos, and text in numerous sizes and styles without compromising on the quality of the visuals.

Much like the embroidery process at Groggy Dog, screen printing starts by either visiting one of our showrooms or getting in touch with a customer service representative to communicate the needs of your order. This will include details like what types of items, how many, and what will be printed on them.

Once you’ve provided us with the details and the images you want printed and have approved our design, we’ll create your unique promotional swag with your branding prominently displayed. Once your items are sent to the printing press, your order will be in your hands within 5–10 business days.

More Reasons Why Your Company Should Give Out Unique Promotional Swag

Unique promotional swag like notebooks with custom sticky notes

The most significant reason that every company should design promotional products is the free advertising they provide. When your customers wear or use your promo items out in the world, it can leave a lasting impression on people they meet, spreading your brand name to a much wider audience than other marketing strategies can.

However, there are a few other reasons we at Groggy Dog believe that promotional products are the key to success for all kinds of brands today.

It Encourages Brand Loyalty

With so many brands to choose from and so many ways to shop these days, creating brand loyalty among your customers can be difficult. Designing custom promo products for your target audience is a great way to differentiate your company and build lasting relationships with your customers.

It’s an Influencer Marketing Opportunity

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways for brands to get ahead these days and reach a wider audience. You can take advantage of this corner of the market by creating special swag boxes designed for individual influencers to advertise on their platforms.

You Can Use It to Track Analytics

Whenever you introduce a new marketing campaign into your overall strategy, it presents an opportunity to track engagement with your brand. During your next promotional product push, make sure to carefully track the analytics of your brand engagement and sales so you can clearly see the difference these items can make.

Trust Groggy Dog for Unique Promotional Items That Make a Statement

Are you ready to start creating your next order of unique promo items for your customers? We look forward to working with you. Submit your request today, and our dedicated customer service team will be in touch shortly.