Spa Habitat Legacy

Many spas promise an organic experience that will rejuvenate your skin and body. However, not all of them are safe and sustainable. Spa Habitat Legacy commits to giving customers a green and healthy line of products and services—the team crafts all of their materials with the guidance of a chemist and herbalist. The spa has received praise from numerous media outlets and continues to be a reliable provider of services and apothecary products.

Here are a few things you should treat yourself to when you visit Spa Habitat Legacy (location Plano, TX).

Get a relaxing massage

Of course, a massage has to be in the cards. The spa uses organic materials in the customized massages they offer. You have the option to choose the bestselling Green Peace, a massage technique that utilizes long strokes for relaxation. If you’re feeling adventurous, they offer massage variants that use oils, basalt stones, and herbal packs. Deep tissue and foot massages are also available.

The plant-based oils used in their massages contain vitamins and antioxidants.

Experience a high-class facial treatment

Spa Habitat Legacy’s facial treatments are done using their in-house Clovertree Apothecary products. Your skin will be refreshed with the combination of their masterful serums and tightening treatments. The “Mellow Out” deal uses a CBD-infused serum for both the eyes and face. For those looking into avoiding wrinkles and other signs of age, this is an excellent choice for you.

Their other facial packages have a lot to offer as well, including hydration and deep cleansing. The scents used are aromatic and refreshing, giving you a renewed feeling after the treatment.

Have your body wrapped and scrubbed with the finest ingredients

Massages and facial treatments are not the only things to enjoy here. Spa Habitat Legacy also offers body wraps and scrubs to help you regain some peace and strength after all the stress of life. Their unique selections include balms with CBD, Hungarian mud, and Saint John’s Wort. Just approach the staff to determine which is best for you.

Enjoy a hand and foot ritual

Your hands and feet are the busiest parts of your body. After all the work or studying you do during the week, they must be tired. Spa Habitat Legacy also offers exfoliation treatments that can help relax and replenish lost energy. They use ingredients with the same level of organic quality and safety as other spa packages.

If you’re someone looking to relax while staying safe and eco-friendly, Spa Habitat Legacy is one of the best locations you can visit. Their products and services embody the quality you want in a 100% organic spa.

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