Advantages of Screen Printing

What Is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is a process in which garments/things are printed using a mesh or silkscreen. First of all, designs are made. Then, these designs are kept against the garments/things. Inks are allowed to fall through these designs and the designs are printed.

Advantages of Screen Printing

1) Low Cost

Screen printing can be a low-cost option. When you need bulk orders, you should opt for screen printing. Moreover, multiple colors can be used on your garments. In that case, screen printing gives you the opportunity to have high-quality printing at an affordable rate.

2) Durable and Noticeable

Rough usages and abrasion can fade away your garment’s printing. But, screen printing uses thick colors on the fabrics. As a result, sports or daily rough usages don’t wear away with this printing.

Furthermore, the screen printing process uses bold colors on your garments. So, people won’t miss your printed designs.

3) Goes With Almost Any Type of Fabric

This printing process pours thick ink on your garments. The fabric of the garment doesn’t absorb the ink. The ink dries up and you get your awesome design. Therefore, screen printing can be applied to almost any kind of fabric.

4) Customizable

Screen printing can open up ample ways of designs. This printing process is not limited to certain types of designs. You can get attractive and new logos, words, lines, or designs on your garments. Hence, it’s an ideal way of promoting your brand.

Why Groggy Dog Is An Excellent Company For Screen Printing?

1) Fabulous Designs

We have a highly talented team. Our team can design customizable and attractive logos. Moreover, their color combination concepts are also praise-worthy. Therefore, our designs will never bore you.

2) Durable Printing Process

Our printing process uses supreme quality ink. So, we can print on almost any kind of fabric. Our screen-printed garments can be used roughly and they won’t fade away easily.

3) Fast Delivery

We have a serious team and our team is a dedicated one. We always try to complete our work within a short time (5 to 10 days). Hence, you will find no room to complain about our delivery process.

4) 100% Satisfaction

Groggy Dog provides a 30-day guarantee for quality satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our screen printing quality, then we are ready to refund you.

Groggy Dog has a huge number of satisfied customers. We are based in North Texas. So, if you are looking for screen printing in North Texas, then you should contact us.

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