Custom Embroidered Patch

What Are Embroidered Patches?

Perhaps you are wondering what custom embroidered patches are and the reasons why a person or business may have an interest in using these types of patches. At Groggy Dog Denton we believe that Custom embroidered patches are patches that are created with many different colors of thread in such a way that they present the depiction of various types of designs of images that are noted as possessing an impressively high amount of details with the application of many colors. People, as well as businesses, are interested in the usage of custom embroidered patches for the sake of promoting their identity with a group or company.

 For example, custom embroidery patches are often used for sports teams, schools, businesses, charitable organizations, military organizations, firefighters, police, hospitals, mail service personnel, and more. You also may simply like a certain type of picture or design that you would like to have made into a custom embroidered patch for something to add extra style. Custom embroidered patches are often sewn or ironed onto hats, jerseys, shirts, jackets, sweaters, sports bags, backpacks, etc.

Groggy Dog Denton Embroidery

We take care of all your embroidery needs. All of our embroidery jobs are triple-checked before they arrive in your hands, meaning that you can count on your order being done correctly and exceeding your expectations. And best of all, Groggy Dog has a 30 Day Quality Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have any problem at all with your order within 30 days of receipt, just bring back any problem piece and we will issue you your choice of a refund, exchange or credit.

How Much Does a Custom Patch Cost?

It is normal to wonder about the cost of a custom embroidered patch. However, the reality is that there is no standard price for a custom patch. This is because each custom patch is different every time. As a result, this means that the cost of the patch will be based on the size of the patch, since it is understandable that a small patch will cost less than a larger patch. Also, the intricacy of the design will impact the cost of the custom embroidered patch. A patch that is simplistic will cost less than one that has a lot of fine details. Furthermore, the number of colors in the patch will impact the price. Consider that when a patch is large, it takes more time and thread to produce. This is the reason why the cost will also be impacted. In addition, the number of patches that you order will also determine how much you will pay. Call Groggy Dog Denton today to get a free quote on custom embroidered patches.

How Do I Create a Custom Patch?

If you have a deep interest in acquiring your own custom patch, whether for personal use or for your business, sports team, or organization, there is certainly a process that is necessary to follow when you want to get a custom patch. First, contact us at Groggy Dog Denton and receive a free quote. Then, inform us of what you would like regarding a custom patch. You should mention the various ideas that you have along with the vision that you have for your patch. If you have your own design, you can send the design to us to speed up the process. Or you can request a custom patch design. Do be mindful that when the company designs the patch for you, this will add to the cost. But if you provide your own design that is already made, this can help to reduce the cost of the custom patch. You will then need to approve the mock-up. Once you have done so, there will be the commencement of the production of the custom patch. You will then receive your awesome custom patch.

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Should I Sew or Iron on Patches?

The decision is really up to you whether you will sew on or iron on your custom patch. If you decide to iron your patch onto a bag, jacket, shirt, or other items, the patch will not be reusable in most cases. But if you opt to sew the patch onto your shirt, bag, jacket, or other items, then the patch can be removed with care and reused for another item. If you decide to iron your patch onto an item, the custom embroidered patch will be able to last for around twenty-five washes. Most people do not wash their jacket twenty-five times during the life of their jacket, though they do wash it some. Thus, if you iron the patch on, it should last on the item for six to eight years if you wash the item only two or three times per year and do not put the item in the dryer. The heat of the dryer destroys the adhesive of patches and causes them to fall off. If you are placing your patch on something that needs to be washed frequently, such as a shirt, jersey, sweater, or uniform, then you should stitch the patch onto the item to ensure longevity. A patch that is sewn onto an item that is only washed up to four or five times per year can last ten years or more. A patch that is sewn onto an item that is washed three to five times per week will last about three to five years.