Wholesale Embroidery Services

What Are Embroidered Patches?

Embroidery is a great design technique for any clothing, fabrics, and, any novelty items such as towels, blankets, fans, etc. Embroidered items retain their quality over the years even when exposed to multiple washes and frequent uses. Wholesale embroidery services for your brand’s or company’s goods, stuff, and amenities are a good investment. Embroidery is a legacy from the ancient traditions of needlework. More than a name embedded into a single item for advertising, identity, or signature mark for your goods. Embroidery comes with beauty and aesthetics through its colors, shapes, richness, textures, and dimensions that are eye captivating. 

 Embroidery can add professional appeal or fun touch to any clothing item, novelty item, etc. Wholesale embroidery services are not limited to just businesses. At Groggy Dog Frisco we have done embroidery services for bachelorette parties, wedding souvenirs, and bridesmaid gifts. Embroidery is not only limited to using threads but also pearls, sequins, beads, and quills. These admirable materials define elegance and opulence to silk and tulle materials to be embroidered. Hence, the embroidered cloth is also best for bride and bridesmaids’ wrap-around robes for pictorials and dressing cover-ups with designations or nicknames at the back or on the left chest corner. These will give a sophisticated touch to any parties and weddings.

Groggy Dog Frisco Wholesale Embroidery

We take care of all your embroidery needs. All of our embroidery jobs are triple-checked before they arrive in your hands, meaning that you can count on your order being done correctly and exceeding your expectations. And best of all, Groggy Dog has a 30 Day Quality Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have any problem at all with your order within 30 days of receipt, just bring back any problem piece and we will issue you your choice of a refund, exchange or credit.

What Can You Embroider?

Embroidery allows you to add details that are decorative and communicative to just about anything. Here at Groggy Dog Frisco we have embroidered uniforms, costumes, merchandise, blankets, towels, beach towels, handkerchiefs, any souvenir items, and much more. The decorative and communicative appearances of the embroidered t-shirts, polos, uniforms, or dresses of your employees and representatives, will add a glamorous appeal to their whole self-representation. Thus, it adds a different level of professional and approachable factor which cannot be achieved in painted or printed uniforms or costumes. Moreover, embroidery also gives a luxurious and classy look to your amenities like runners, blankets, towels, table cloths, sofa covers, and even curtains. Embroidery gives a definitely higher quality of design and execution of identity and mark of your merchandise and novelty items.

How Much Does a Wholesale Embroidery Cost?

Embroidery prices or wholesale embroidery services usually indicate costs by letter. There are different kinds of embroidery. The most common type is the thread embroidery which costs $1.00 per 1000 stitch in quantities from 1 to 11 letters, and an extra fee starting from $2 and up for every item brought outside the store. For 12 to 35 letters, it costs around $1.00 per 1000 stitches, but the service charge for the items brought from outside the store is free. For 24 letters and up, the price is around 75cents and the service charge of items brought from outside the shop is also free. The size is changeable based on the largest letter. For images, logos, and marks, the cost of the wholesale embroidery services is defined at a starting price of $10.00 per item depending on the number of colors, complexity, and the number of stitches required for the design. For other materials used in embroidering your items such as pearls, beads, sequins, buttons, and quills, the prices may likely go 3 times to 5 times more expensive than ordinary thread embroidery. Embroidery on thick and unusual surfaces and fabrics like leather, silk, corduroy, etc. You can get a discount for these specific wholesale embroidery services with prices usually starting at $7.50 per 1 to 2900 stitches. Wholesale embroidery services usually consider wholesale services at 5 items to be embroidered. Call Groggy Dog Frisco today and receive a free quote!

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Choose Groggy Dog Denton For Your Embroidery Needs

You can customize your designs such as having your tagline or logo embroidered to any of your souvenirs and amenity towels, slippers, blankets, or t-shirts at Groggy Dog Frisco. A good advantage you get from wholesale embroidery services like Groggy Dog Frisco is that you can choose the designs and also choose any design of the items you want to be embroidered on. To date, wholesale embroidery services are already innovated. There are wholesale embroidery services that can embroider on specially textured and thick surfaces. And Groggy Dog Frisco can deliver to you with your needs and desires of embroidery. Some embroidered items that last a lifetime is what you can get from Groggy Dog Frisco. Hence, getting wholesale embroidery services for gifts, marketing, signature, and souvenir purposes is always a practical idea for your company or organization. Level up your marketing, advertising, and presentation game by getting your items embroidered. Groggy Dog Frisco also offers a 30-day Quality Satisfaction Guarantee and can issue a refund or replacement for any verified defect or problems with your item. This embroidery shop also offers screen printing services. By its power expertise, Groggy Dog Frisco can do embroidery on your briefcase and luggage for personalization and security purposes.