The Colony

The Colony Is a wonderful place that offers access to abundant nature. This is due to the fact that The Colony offers many wonderful parks. Thus, you and your family can be outdoors more enjoying more fresh air and great scenery when you take advantage of the many beautiful parks of this region, such as Stewart Creek Park where you can enjoy swimming, many trails, a great picnic and some fantastic sailing.

In addition, it is interesting to realize that The Colony is home to many intriguing migratory birds. You will be pleased that you will likely be able to see the cattle egret with its long yellow bill, tan colored feathers that lay back to form a crown on its head and its keen eyes. This bird has a large white body. Then the yellow-crowned night heron is an interesting migratory bird with a grey neck and chest, while it has darker grey variegated feathers on its back, tail and wings. It has white stripes and black stripes on each side of its face. The bill of this bird is black and and it has almond shaped hazel colored eyes that are curiously attentive.

Families tend to like to pick apples here in this region. The apples are large, delicious and juicy. When you are a guest somewhere, you can often expect to be served apple pie and ice cream as a favorite dessert. When you need a quick and tasty meal, you will enjoy access to many wonderful pizzerias that offer pizza according to your preferences. Even enjoy a pizza topped with some delicious grilled rib meat slathered in tantalizing barbecue sauce.

This region has some pristine and well maintained golf courses, which are geared for the avid golfer. If you need directions on how to get somewhere, you can count on the friendly people of this area to help you out. When you are out and about, be sure to get some fresh baked bread at the great bakeries to take home to add to your meal, as it is supremely tasty.

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