Prosper is a growing community and has many lovely homes. The people of Prosper are ambitious and love to do their jobs well. Many of the people, in fact, commute to Dallas for work, but then they are happy to return to their quiet community in friendly and welcoming Prosper. It is interesting to realize that there is a crystalline lagoon in Prosper that is noted as being man-made.

You can enjoy many great parks in the area. One noted park is Frontier Park. You can have a pleasant time fishing here at this park. There are some awesome nature trails to explore. If you have kids who need to burn off excessive energy, bring them to Frontier Park where they can have fun on the slides, the climbing wall, the rings and the bars. There is plenty of seating for adults. The playground is well maintained and it is nice that there are separate play areas for children who are younger. There is excellent cushioning under the play areas to allow for good protection for the children.

There are many nice parks In Prosper where you can have picnics, fly kites, play a game of volleyball and more. You will be pleased that the parks in this town are clean and are free of trash. Even the baseball fields are inviting, as they are in good condition.

When you are looking for a place that has a wide variety of cuisine, then you will truly enjoy the many different types of food that you can have access to in Prosper. You can enjoy great quality sweet and sour shrimp or walnut shrimp, which are noted as being Chinese cuisine. Then if you are in the mood for southwestern cuisine, you can find a terrific place to order that type of food as well. Tacos and wonderful Mexican food are in abundant supply here. Also, you can even have access to Indian cuisine as well as Japanese cuisine.

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